Do you want to putt like Rickie Fowler?

Follow this 10 tips and get ready to break the course

1. Never Take the Second Putt on the Practice Green


If you miss it, you get to experience the three putt, which you simply don’t need in practice.

2. When you are Practicing, Try Putting With Your Eyes Closed


And then guess where the putt finished. Was it short-right? Long-left? Or in the hole?! Besides being quite a fun thing to do, over time, this will massively improve your feel.

3. Do not Drop 3 Balls on the Practice Putting Green and do not Putt From the Same Spot


You need to reinforce the feeling of “I only have one chance” like you do on the golf course. 3 balls gives us the same feeling as we have on the driving range, where we get too comfortable, knowing we always have another shot. You need to feel and practice under a little pressure.

4. Practice Using a Smaller Hole


Try putting a tee in the green so it covers one third of the hole. Then putt to this hole. I find this good to do before a round. After putting to a small hole for 5-10 mins, it’s amazing how much bigger the hole looks when you’re out on the course.

5. When Reading the Green, Use all your Senses


In addition to using your eyes, try to sense the ground under your feet as you walk round the ball (don’t just look at a putt from behind the ball). It’s amazing how much more you’ll learn about the putt for both line and speed.

6. Pick your Spot for Accurate Alignment


Once you have committed to a line, pick a spot you want the ball to roll over 6 inches in front of the ball. Alignment is so key with putting, that starting a putt just a fraction off line will cause the ball to miss the hole by inches. Knowing the putter face is aligned correctly will improve confidence and give you a more positive stroke.

7. Play the Putt with your Practice Strokes


With your practice strokes, instead of making them a general practice of your putting, actually play the upcoming putt in your mind. With each stroke, imagine the ball coming off the face and rolling towards, and into, the hole. This will increase your confidence by visualizing the ball going in, and give you a sense of the speed of the putt.

8. Develop a Very Strong Pre-Shot Routine. Which you’ll Stick to Every Time


If you break or miss any of the steps, start over!!! Putting is a game of confidence and knowing you have done everything correctly will give you that confidence you need to hole more putts. Do everything the same down to the number of practice strokes.

9. No Second Guessing


If you stand over the ball and second guess the line (or anything else), step away immediately and go through your pre-shot routine again. Otherwise you will kick yourself afterwards and create negative emotions. Only when you are 100% sure, should you pull the trigger.

10. Get Zoned In


Once you are over the ball and you have gone through your routine, your body and mind know the speed and line. Focus only on your “spot” and hitting the ball in the center of the putter.