Royal Melbourne’s Composite Course is continually rated in the top 10 golf courses in the world, an amalgamation of the work of two great golf course designers, Alister MacKenzie and Alex Russell. The Composite Course came into being in 1959 when Royal Melbourne was asked to hold the World Cup.

Royal Melbourne’s two courses are known as the ‘West’ and ‘East’ courses. It was decided to use 12 holes from the West Course and 6 holes from the East Course for the World Cup, and hence the Composite Course was born.

The result is a golf course of outstanding quality, with an intriguing mix of Scottish Links characteristics and Augusta National style beauty. The course also has the reputation for having possibly the fastest putting greens in the world. The course is also famous for its large and dramatically shaped bunkers.

The course is ranked amongst the best in the world by numerous international golf course ranking bodies and publications.

3D Course Flyover. GOOGLE IMAGES Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Composite Course

3D Flyover

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